Review of the Year

As a Charity we operate in a challenging environment where the balance of delivering high quality public services and experiences to people who live, work and visit Fife against ever decreasing budgets continues to underpin our strategy and approach.

Our desire to become less reliant on the management fee we receive from Fife Council (£7,747, 286.00 65.3% of our total income for 2017/18) has seen the Trust expand its trading operations by taking on the catering and bar operations in five of its key venues, adding to our successful ventures in retail, room hire and ticketed events such as Santa in the Library.

We also managed to raise £103,558 through external funding opportunities; allowing us to deliver new and exciting experiences across Fife.

Being creative and innovative has driven a number of our activities and is a golden thread that can be found woven through everything that we do; ensuring that communities can continue to access new and exciting experiences that support attainment, social connections and inspire.

Financial Plans for Future Periods

We will continue to seek to provide our most essential services that are delivered free of charge and are valued by our communities and to do this the Trust will remain entrepreneurial in our outlook; seeking to build on well-established trading activities whilst working hard to promote ourselves as a charity and build connections with supporters. We will develop and better articulate our story so the people who use our services understand that when they spend money with the Trust they are investing in future services for Fife.

We want to reach our customers in new ways and ensure that we go beyond good customer service to providing exceptional customer experience; connecting further with our most committed customers and valuing their loyalty, whilst also seeking to engage new audiences building on our reputation to grow.



£7,747,286 (65%)

Total income contributed by donations from government (management fees)

£3,168,483 (26%)

Principal activities (libraries, museums, theatres and partnerships)

£934,488 (8%)

Total income earned from merchandise/retail

£103,558 (1%)

Restricted Funds



£6,642,907 (52%)

Libraries & museums

£2,667,249 (21%)

Theatres & customer services

£2,086,239 (16%)


£987,050 (8%)

Trading subsidiary

£258,339 (2%)

Cultural partnerships

£131,325 (1%)

Restricted funds

Governance Architecture

Fife Cultural Trust has dual accountability to both Companies House and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and this accountability requires and emphasises the need for strong governance across the Trust.

The governance of Fife Cultural Trust is driven by the following structure:

Governance Infographic